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How To Hire Remote Programmers For Your Team


Hiring remote programmers is generally known as a time-consuming and daunting task. Searching for the right programmer is a complicated process that if implemented inefficiently then it can cause huge losses to your time and money. You need to follow a gradual procedure including posting a job listing, screen tons of candidates, make a huge number of phone calls, learn and understand the details of each candidate, finally test their skills and potential. At last, when you hire the programmer and he is ready for work, you still can't be sure if you have selected the right candidate until he starts full-fledged work. This article is a guide for every manager or company owner who is responsible to build a team of prospective programmers/developers that can efficiently execute project-related tasks.

There are some questions which can come into a CEO’s, Hiring Manager’s Or an Owner’s Mind such as

  1. 1 How to Hire Remote programmer with relevant profile and experience
  2. How to Analyze their Skills And Qualities

  3. Where To Hire Remote Programmers From

  4. How much To Pay Them

We will address all these concerns in this article. This post will help you hire talented programmers remotely through a systematic process.

Why Hire Remote Programmers

There are multiple benefits of hiring remote developers for both employers and employees.

Advantages for employers include cost reduction by reduction in office space, office stationery, utilities, company travel expenses. When all these costs are totaled, a huge sum of money is saved by the organization.

Secondly, companies have access to a huge talent pool across the globe or a particular region as they can reach a large number of specialists and experts with versatile backgrounds including cheaper salaries when compared with expensive regions like North America. Also, employers will have the flexibility through remote work provision. The overall well-being of employees will be reflected in the reputation of the company while improving the productivity and engagement of employees with the organization. 

Now coming to the benefits of employees, It provides a work-life balance through zero work commutation, increased health benefits like less stress and depression. A great level of autonomy as already they are responsible for their work and goals. Increased productivity and proper time efficiency. According to surveys, remote employees have higher satisfaction with the work. 


Where To Find A Remote Programmer

You can find remote programmers with the help of multiple channels, depending on the kind of project you’re going to work on. The most common channels where companies look for the selection of employees are job boards and freelance websites. The other places for finding programmers are outsourcing agencies, Linkedin, Referrals, Reddit, etc.

Freelance Marketplaces

Checking out a huge range of postings at freelance marketplaces and websites is a good way to begin the search for remote developers. However, one point to note here is that these programmers aren’t available for long-term collaboration in a freelance marketplace. you should keep in mind that on a freelance marketplace, you can’t find developers or programmers for long-term collaboration. These platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Behance are open for all kinds of professionals, so you will have the crucial task of finding an expert and relevant developer.

Outsourcing Agency

There are numerous outsourcing agencies in the market that will hire people on your behalf so that you don't have to go through the exhaustive process of searching and initial screening of candidates. This is a time-saving process for busy and large companies who have to constantly hire remote programmers for different projects.

Job Boards

There are tons of job websites online. Beyond the large and well-known job boards like Indeed,, Monster, etc, you can also find out other smaller websites that are popular among developers like Flexjobs, WWR, etc.


Referrals are one of the most result-oriented and optimal ways to hire people. According to Linkedin referrals are powerful job search tools. These kinds of hires are considered less risky due to easy background verifications and bring in the opportunities to hire the most talented people

Reddit Platform

An extraordinary ad strictly moderated forum website to find remote jobs related to programming and development. The tons of subreddit have genuine users where you can find many remote developers. 

How To Post An Attractive Job Listing

An effective job listing is an ultimate way of hiring the right candidate. Many companies fail to post effective and detailed job listings which creates obstacles in the hiring process. Making your job posting attractive and valuable is necessary for a successful outcome. 

The following points should be noted:

  • The job title should be precise and professional

  • The comprehensive job description includes the job details and how many qualifications and technical knowledge is needed. The salaries and benefits provided and other positive reasons which candidates will find attractive and choose your company.

  • Create listings on multiple sites for greater audience reach.

  • Post all the duties and responsibilities in bullet pointers and lengthy description

  • The posting should be more specific and comprehensive to find relevant candidates for easy screening.

  • A template can also be used for ease of posting. Indeed provides multiple templates and formats.

  • Educational qualifications and certifications should be precisely mentioned.

How To Choose The Right Candidate

The job listing will have immediate applications once it goes live. So, the big task lies in the selection of a particular candidate who is most suitable for your project team. The easiest way to choose the perfect candidate that will continue with the interview process consisting of filtering, shortlisting the final 6 candidates, and continuing with the interview process.

Finally, the filtering process comes into consideration. First of all, you need to remove the irrelevant candidates. This means the process of discarding all those applications that do not compare with the job description, randomly applied to jobs without reading the description, or those who have a set of skills that don’t match the job requirements. All these pointers should be considered and recorded just by glancing through the candidate’s CV. Then the second phase of selection should be focused on filtering a bunch of applications that consider separating candidates with inappropriate or miserable cover letters. Cover letters are used to judge the quality of a candidate so it should obviously be a major shortlisting criterion. You now have an excellent number of resumes so that you can easily select the final number of 5 to 6 people for the interview.

How To Interview Remote Programmers 

The Remote interview process is somewhat different than interviewing local candidates as you cannot interview the applicants physically, that is very common in the traditional hiring process. On the contrary, you need to leverage a large number of various tools to make the process simpler. The most important part will be to build an efficient interview process that helps in recognizing whether the applicant is a good fit in the team.

The design of the interview process should be organized properly so that you don’t feel overburdened, as programmer interviews are often time-consuming. The following screening steps should be considered for better prospects:

Coding Test

A coding challenge is necessary when you don't want to waste your time. This test is a perfect way to see if the candidate can write code efficiently and solve problems. You need to give them at least an hour-long test where you can see how they write, structure, and document code including how the programmers test and implement it.

You can also give them a particular set of actual problems that they might work on if they qualify and join the company.

Short Video Presentation

In the remote hiring process, short video presentations are becoming necessary. These short videos of no more than 5 to 10 minutes or even less than that indicate the communication, expertise and confidence, and personality of the candidate including the knowledge of technical skills that he/she possesses.

Technical Round of Interview

The technical interview helps you to understand more about the knowledge and technical skills of the applicant. Mostly, interviews contain a set of questions that are particular to the job role and seniority of the position that you are hiring for. Except for evaluating an applicant's proficiency, a technical interview is a good way to know about the tasks and projects that have been previously completed successfully by them. You will get to learn all the critical situations they have managed in their previous companies, the way they have handled a certain situation or major issue, and many other things of similar nature. You can find out about their technical prowess in different types of technologies. Know their career growth expectations in this new position and contribution to the company. 

Pair Programming

Pair programming is a graceful exercise that enables two programmers to share ideas and work together on a similar project or idea. There can be two different characters – the operator and the navigator. The operator is the person who writes the code, while the navigator provides guidance on the code writing strategy. In this pair programming interview, the interviewer is known as a navigator, and the applicant is the operator. This test is performed for the evaluation of technical and communication skills.

This test ascertains the interviewer about the collaboration skills of the candidate.


This concludes the extensive hiring process, you will be able to successfully find the right remote software developer for your project or organization. However, if you feel all this process will be too burdensome for you and your company that will drain your time and resources, you can always partner up with a software development company. Ezapp Solution is a reputed company that provides the best app development services worldwide. A software firm can help you find the perfect candidate for all your development needs and you won’t have to go through these steps to hire remote programmers.