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Client is a Ecommerce Company which sales to Customers based on regular CRM campaigns. AI Platform built helps Ecommerce company to screen customers using the AI. Ezapp delivered the powerful AI Solution that allowed the company to identidy Sales Growth Channels and Predict the Customers likely to adapt the features & Products of the Platform. Ezapp developed using Machine Learning models Customer Engagement Models, Sales Forecast Predictions, Customer churn Predictions, Business Revenue Optimization and Profitability predictions and AI Campaigns for Revenue Growth.

Machine Learning for Campaign Management
New York
Tech Stack Used
Elastic Search
Artifical Intelligence / Machine Learning
Tech Stack Used:
Amazon RDS
  • Optimized the Ads Campaign by deploying AI Campaigns for sale growth.
  • Significantly increase the App downloads and subscriptions using Machine Learning.
  • Reduced the Customer Churns and significantly improved the Revenue growth.

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Business Challenges:

A Company having Ecommerce operations in USA was facing severe challenges by using trivial CRM Campaigns using Salesforce and other Thrid party tools. Ecommerce company has slew of challenges around managing the Customer churns, focusing on features that could engage customers and increase the Customer LTV. After trying several adhoc campaign management tools, Ecommerce client adapted Ezapp Solution AI Campaign Management to improve the App downloads and mazimize the Business Revenue.


Ezapp provided the AI forecasting of sales growth and optimization of the Ads revenue by predicting the Leads sales. Client was able to increase subscriptions and App downloads.

Ezapp built the AI Campaign Management that allowed the Client to optimize their spending on the omni channel and maximize revenue on Marketing dollars spending. Client manage several campaigns across Google PPC, Facebook, Ads Publishing Network. AI Platform performed allocation of budget across various channels to optimize the app downloads, increase sales revenue, decrease the churn outs. Deep Learning models allows Client to find the relevant product faster from the chat window. Machine Learning models leverage past purchase behavior of existing customers to provide personalized recommendations for each visitor.

Credit Card Fraud Detection through AI

Results :

  • 2 Out of 10 Products Recommended by Recommender System are purchased by the visitor. This increased the revenue by 45% and overall monthly revenue by 25%
  • Optimize the Ads Revenue Spent by Best Channels to increase the Revenue Sales leveraging Re-Inforcement Learning models.
  • Optimized the Allocation of Dollar spent by leveraging Markov Chaining Model.
  • Reduced Customer Churn outs by leveraging the Random Forest model.
  • Increase the App downloads by leveraging the Logistic Regression Classifier and identified the Coefficients that were related to Response variable.
  • Delivered the Customer Engagement Model and Customer Life Time Value (LTV) by leveraging the Linear Regression Model and provided the Predictions for the 3-month Sales Predictions for the Sales Channel.

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