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Targeted SEO

Our SEO Experts optimize the organic ranking of your website on the Google by adding Backlinks, Article Publication, Meta Tags Indexing, Perform gauranteed Ranking and Satisfy Business needs for the Organic growth. Our Experts delve in to analysis of Competition and work with your team to work on Unique keywords to provide faster Rankings.


On Page/Off Page Optimization

Our SEO Experts Perform the On Page optimization of the business keywords, analyze competition keywords. Build the metric KPIs for your Business On Page optimization. Our Experts adds Backlinks, Article Publication, Meta Tags Indexing, add Page titles, Guest posting, Influencer Outreach and Press release.


Mobile SEO

Our SEO Experts Perform the App Store Optimization, App Indexing on the iOS and Android App Store. Our Experts perform App Store Optimization and Perform In-App Marketing and Outbound Marketing to generate new Leads for your Business.


Website SEO Audit

Our SEO Expert analyze Load performance of your Website, perform the optimization of the Load Time for better User Experience. Our Experts will manage the HTML and XML site tags, schema, site migrations to ensure the Website can handle large volume of Traffic without crashing.


Landing Page Optimization

Our SEO Experts analyze the Landing Page with User bahavioral patterns. We provide detailed report on the Customer behaviroal patterns, CRM Customer Segmentation preview, Customer Genomics and optimize the Campaigns to only target high value customers to optimze growth of your company


SEO Optimization

Our SEO Expert analyze latest Trends and Demand using AI tech stack so you can quickly rank your Business on different Search Engines. Our Experts have proven results for SMEs, Startups and shown rapid ranking results to optimize your Business Awareness.

How SEO Work


Ranking Algorithm optimization


Customer Segmentation and Market Basket Analysis


SEO optimization


Ranking Results

Unfair Advantage of Ezapp SEO Experts


Ai powered Keyword Demand Analysis


Ai powered Ranking Analysis


Ai powered SEO Optimization

Hiring SEO Process

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SEO Audit

Review performance of Historical achievements


AI Tools

Hire dedicated SEO Expert. Leverage power of our AI tools to become Leader on Google.


Offshore Cost Arbitrage

Leverage power of Offshore SEO Expert at fraction cost of local SEO services


No Risk

Hire Ezapp SEO Expert, Guarantee Results and No Risk.


Money Back Guarnatee

We are 100% committed for your success and provide 100% results else Money back guarantee


SEO Experts

Work with SEO Experts with Proven Results

Why Hire Ezapp SEO Expert?


Ezapp only hire proven experts in SEO. We build your SEO team with committment to your Success


Ezapp SEO Experts are champion in building your company Leadership position on SEO.


Hiring Ezapp SEO Experts can be 50% less than the Market rates and up to 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How effective is SEO Digital Marketing?

    Digital Marketing with respect to SEO Ranking completely depends on the Google algorithm, keywords demand and existing online traffic in a region. In True contrast, SEO Marketing is continuous work given the dynamics of Google keeps upgrading its ranking algorithm. At Ezapp Solution we provide commitment of ranking on 3 competition keywords and 3 unique keywords within 3 months of the SEO Marketing service.
  • Should I rely solely on SEO Marketing to get the Leads?

    At Ezapp, we put a clear picture of acquiring Leads. We perform Marketing Intelligence services and then give you a complete road map of Leads acquisition. Due to the nature of the customer behavior, we recommend to use both SEO marketing and PPC ads marketing to attain the attention of the customers for your website traffic.
  • How much does it cost to do a monthly SEO service?

    At Ezapp we provide packages for multiple services at one cost so you can optimize on SEO marketing cost and PPC marketing cost. For more details please contact the SME in the Ezapp.
  • How is the success of SEO services measured?

    At Ezapp, we measure the success of SEO services with Traffic impressions on your website. We provide access to Website Call-To-Actions program so you can measure the traffic of Leads as High Quality lead or Low Quality lead. Depending on the Business type we suggest a tailored approach for Leads acquisition.
  • What happens if I do not find the Success in SEO service?

    At Ezapp, we take the approach of providing services based on Success. Hence if a particular digital marketing service is not working then we suggest a new approach as there is no one solution for all problems. Also, At Ezapp we are committed to your Success hence we work in such a way that we will not put any charge if you could not measure the acceptable success rate of your marketing campaigns.

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