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Outbound Email Marketing

Ezapp Email Marketing Experts will send Emails to Prospects by complying the Rules and Regulations of the Region. Our Experts will send up to 5000 Emails per month. Our Experts uses AI powered Customer Analysis to focus on Hot Leads instead of Low Value Customers to optimize Conversion rate.


Drip Marketing

Ezapp Email Marketing Expert will work with the Graphic Designer to build the custom Email templates that are tailored to your Business needs to convert Lead to Customer.

Our Expert will provide for each Campaign Stats for Open Rate, Click Rate, Conversion Rate and coordinate with your SME for demo of the Product.


Personalized Emails

Ezapp Email Marketing Expert will work with your team to build the Inventory of Custom Offers depending on the Customer Genomics. Our Expert will be responsible to send personalized Emails on Offers, Trials, Solutions to Leads to Engage and contribute towards the Sales of your Business.


Cross Sell Marketing

Ezapp Email Marketing Expert will take in to account every possible opportunity to Cross Sell your Products or Services in order to optimize your Sales and maximize Customer Satisfaction. Our experts uses Machine Learning Recommender System to convert Cross Sales to meet the End Customer needs or requirements.


Demo Emails

Ezapp Email Marketing Expert will send Demo Emails to Leads and Coordinate with the Lead and your Team for Demos. Our Expert will work on Demo Pipeline based on Deal Risk Score so high Value Deals are converted first. Just Relax as our Experts will manage the Full cycle of the Marketing so you can Optimize on your Business Growth.


Lead Scoring

Ezapp Email Marketing team will analyze complete database of Leads and Coordinate with Data Science team to identify the Hot Leads so your team can focus on conversion on High Potential Leads instead of Low Value Leads. Our Experts will provide Insights to Deal Risk powered by AI so your team can Optimize on Deals to scale your Business Growth.

Why Ezapp?


Hire Email Marketing Expert and Get complimentary 10hrs of Data Scientst Support for Customer Intelligence, Marketing Intelligence, Deal Intelligence


Ezapp is Award Winning Company for Digital Marketing Solutions and Offers proprietory Products for Campaign Management powered by AI


Save up to 80% compared to Local Digital Agency. Optimize Cost of your Email Marketing with Ezapp as we use AI for every Marketing Indicative Information for Lead Conversion

How We Work



Discover new Sales Optimization


Growth Sales Driver

Discover Leading Sales Driver of your Business



Lower Customer acquisition Cost, Optimize Hot Leads, Optimize Campaigns


Activate Sales Channels

Our Experts manage Campaigns, Perform Campaign Optimization, maximize Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of Email Marketing is provided to Sales conversion?

    At Ezapp we provide Email Marketing based on the Intent data provided by your Company. Our Data Science team evaluates Lead Score and performs targeted Marketing that draws maximum traffic to your website and yields an optimal conversion rate.
  • How many resources are required for Client acquisition?

    We recommend hiring at least team of Email Marketing which consist of Intent Organizer, Email Marketing Expert and Demo Expert to provide your network of services that is agile and contributes towards your Business success.
  • Do you provide AI services for Email Marketing?

    Yes, at Ezapp Solution we provide AI services complimentary that includes Lead Scoring, Deal Intelligence, Growth Intelligence. Our chief aim is your Success so we provide extraordinary services to your Business.
  • Do you provide a Weekly or Monthly Report for Marketing?

    Yes, We provide bi-weekly Report so you are aware of new tractions, improvements in marketing, marketing shifts, marketing intelligence, sales intelligence.
  • How much does it Cost to do Email Marketing from Ezapp?

    At Ezapp we offer different Email Marketing Plans based on the stage of your StartUps. We align our pricing based on your break-through in the Marketing. We are Passionate and committed to creating the Success of your Business. Please connect with the Ezapp Support team for Pricing details.

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