Top AI/ML Companies in India


Top AI/ML Companies in India


Machine Learning is the end game in the revolution of machines. Simulation of human intelligence into machines will build human alike machines. Whether you are for or against the notion, artificial intelligence/machine learning is the future we all have.

Scientists along computer techies all over have been working to create machines that can think like humans. While machines can do everything more efficiently problem solving and cognitive abilities were unique to humans.

Artificial learning is bridging this last loop in their capability. In the words of M. I. Jordan and T. M. Mitchell, "Machine learning is creating computers that self improve through experience."  (1)

In the most simple words, machine learning is study of patterns and habits of humans by machines without human input. It is a branch of artificial intelligence which is a wider web of such processes.

Machine learning makes them mimic the choices and behave humans alike. Just like us, machines using machine learning can rationalize and troubleshoot obstacles in achieving a goal.

What is artificial learning?

SIRI, Alexa, and Google Assistant are products of machine learning!

The removal of the need for humans to run machines is automation and deciding when and why to automatically do something is AI. Reflex action is when you move your hand away after you touch a hot object automatically without much thought. But still, there is a stimulus 'hot object'.

Machines can do the same when fed instruction. Replacing the need for a preferred instruction with the ability to process spontaneous stimulus is the goal of machine learning.

How Does AL/ML Work?

Artificial learning is imbibing learning, reasoning, and analysis in machines using different methods. These include machine learning, deep learning, and many more processes.

The learning of human thinking patterns can be directed by collecting data on specific topics. Deep learning on the other hand is taking up large amounts of unorganized data to find patterns.

Since machines can process enormous data faster than the human mind, deep learning is fruitful. Data of any form whether graphics or textual can fit into predefined algorithms for analysis.

Permutation and the combination of such learning techniques enable machines to develop a road map of human intelligence. Once such a path reveals itself the machine programming adapts and functions as per it.

Started from neural networks, today deep learning is the most advanced level of development of ML. Narrow AI is common all over the place. Smart devices and computers use it all the time. General AI is the wider branch of AI reflecting human intelligence.

Applications of Machine Learning

There is no dearth of advantages of ML in various sectors. From performing high precision surgical procedures to autopilot flights there is no stopping. Machines can execute tasks that are borderline for human accuracy.

Machine Learning finds application even in the hospitality sector. Taking care of specially challenged people will be easier with machines that don't get frustrated.

Frankenstein's monster image of artificial intelligence often makes us forget the possibilities of a better world with such machines. ML applications are promising for the defense department and security systems.

What does ML hold for the future?

A world that traverses beyond human limitations is possible after harnessing the machine learning potential of machines. Unmatched surveillance and assistance for warfighters beyond human capacity make it a great investment for many.

Chatbots, hyper-war, and better recommendations are the contrasting applications in different fields. From e-commerce to human work culture each sector will benefit from the evolution of advanced ML.

In the financial world keeping a check on bank frauds will be a cakewalk once the machines understand the pattern of the particular account holder. And since machines themselves don't bother about money, one can trust them as their locker safeguards!

How Has Machine Learning Affected India?

Although talking about artificial intelligence is the new help many people hesitate to make a move. The multi-layered ML is difficult to understand for a common man. Interdisciplinary experts have combined their knowledge of math, computer science, physics, and psychology to answer Alan Turing.

Back in the 1950s, Alan published the paper 'Can Machines Think?' laying the foundation of artificial intelligence. (2)

India has the second-largest population in the world with the digital footprint growing every day. Recently the investment in the artificial intelligence sector has seen a rise both in the public and private sectors. A lot of start-ups are realizing the potential of artificial learning and investing heavily in it.

Top ML Companies in India

1. Quytech

Trusted for app development for iOS and Android, Quytech is actively expanding into artificial learning services. With their headquarters in Noida, India, their reviews are the PR. Game development, AR, VR, and blockchain development are other available niches they specialize. They have been in the field for over a decade and have a big client base.

Rate: >$25 per hour

Official website:

2. Ezapp Solutions

A NewYork based digital solutions firm with offices all over the world Ezapp Solutions has a competitive edge over top ML companies in India. Taking home awards and recognition from tech-savvy names like AppFutura, TopDevelopers, and Top App Creators it is the best ML company in New York too. Technologies they play with include Scala, Algorithmia, Keras, PyTorch, Kafka, and Kubeflow. Within the most affordable range of $10-$18 per hour consultation rate, they offer smart product development, ML automation teams, and automated solutions.

Rate: $10-$18 per hour

Official website:

3. F (x) Data Labs Private Limited

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, F (x) and Data Labs Pvt Ltd specialize in algorithm design. With an hourly rate of $24-$49/ hr, they are an affordable choice for your business. It is a mid-range enterprise with about 50 employees. Whether you are looking to hire developers or full-stack engineers they are a go-to IT solutions firm.

Rate: $25-$49 per hour

LinkedIn website:

4. ThirdEye Data

Having worked with international big names from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Walmart and Getty images ThirdEye based in Kolkata is a prominent choice. They have produced ML chatbots, crime analytic and prediction tools, and whatnot. Technologies they engage in include Elastic, Docker, Tensor Flow, Microsoft Azure, Airflow, and Power Bi. The list goes on and so do the press mentions and awards received by ThirdEye Data.

Rate: $50-$99 per hour

Official Website:

5. Accubits Technologies Inc

Reputed for their dedicated artificial intelligence services Accubits Technologies provide AI and blockchain services. If your project size is $5000 or beyond then you can consider them. The hourly consultation rate is a bit higher than usual ranging to $50 per hour. They bask in the glory of international certification and clutch referrals.

Rate: $25-$49 per hour

Official website:

6. Affle Enterprise

Affle Enterprise has worked with a diverse group of customers from BookMyTicket to Kent RO systems. Their tech support team has a clear road map of delivering the demanded products. Specialists in hybrid app development, real-time chatting library, and API management, Affle Enterprise has their headquarter in Gurgaon. They are SG: D Accredited to authenticate their stability and reliability.

Rate: Undisclosed (min. project size $10000)

Official website:

7. Talentica Software

Located in Pune, Talentica is a big-budget outsourced IT Solutions company for startups in the ML niche. The company was founded in 2003 and has been working on deep learning and development since then. With over 1000 employees it is a large organization working with clients across the world. They have used their developers to build augmented reality, wearables, big data, open-source, and UX- UI, solutions.

Rate: Up to $49 per hour

Official website:


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