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Develop AI powered BI Applications

Business Intelligence Applications are considered the heart of the Enterprises for Business SMEs to make decisions on Procurement, Sales, Growth. At Ezapp Solution our developers have vast experience on BI Applications using Tableau, Cognos such that all the raw data is cleansed and wrangled first then Machine Learning algorithms are built forSales Forecasting, Inventory Management, Sales Automation, Dashboard KPIs. Our Engineers have speciality in delivering power BI Applications for Enterprises so their Decision Makers can make informed decisions to grow their Sales.

Scale Business Intelligence Applications

Ezapp Solution has successfully scaled multi platform BI Applications for Enterprises. Our proven experience ranges from developing Trader Desktop BI Applications to Sales Analytics BI Applications. We provide an array of solutions to scale the BI Applications including AI/ML solutions, Automation services etc. Ezapp Solution is ranked Top Enterprise BI Application company by CIO Review. We offer exceptional services and quality benchmarks for Clients success criteria.

Support and Maintenance

At Eapp Solution, Our developers have experience of developing and maintaining BI Apps. Our developers can build powerful BI Applications using cutting edge solutions on large datasets. Maintenance of BI Applications is easy with Us as we work on Time & Material Model so that Enterprises can maintain their BI Apps with minimal cost instead of hiring Full Time resources to maintain the Apps

Consulting Solutions

We offer part time consulting to Full time consulting offers. We cater to dynamic needs of the Business based on the priorities. Ezapp Solution is a renowned IT Company for Consulting services on BI Applications. We offer an array of Solutions and Our Commitment is Client 's Success criteria.

Domain Expertise

As a leading mobile app development company, we offer solutions in different sectors - Travel, business, shopping, and more – we've been building mobile apps across all popular categories since the smartphone appeared.


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Remote Hire Business Intelligence Developers?

Ezapp Solution has the Top Talent App Programmers with proven experience of Building scalable solutions and delivering successful Apps for SMEs, Startups in timely fashion. Connect with our Tech Experts and Get the Free quotation.

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Why Hire Business Intelligence Developers From EzappSolution?

Hire Top Talent

EzappSolution is an recognized as Top Android Development Company. Our Talented resources bring the right match of skills, fit the technical landscape of the Product development challenges and deliver Best Quality Apps on the App Store.

Flexi Engagement Model

EzappSolution provides App Developers from short term to long term engagement models. Our engagement model is transparent and accountable between the Client and EzappSolution. We provide Project Management tools to track progress and performance of the developer and give full access to properly manage the developer as per the dynamic business needs

TimeZone Flexibility

EzappSolution provides round the clock updates on syndication of the Product development, testing, blockers, solution progress. We provide different time zone agnostic reporting on Project status to bridge the gap of communication.

Maintenance Support

EzappSolution provides App Maintenance Support post release of the App. We take pride in providing support to ensure clients' success. Our policy is to ensure Client Product performs at par performance and solve the domain problem without any worry of maintenance of the App.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Business Intelligence (BI) service provider?

    A Business Intelligence (BI) service provider is a company that offers expertise and solutions to help businesses gather, store, analyze, and transform data into useful information that can be used to inform business decision-making.
  • What services do Business Intelligence service providers offer?

    Business Intelligence service providers offer a range of services, including:
    • BI consulting: Assessing business needs, identifying data sources, and developing a BI strategy.
    • BI implementation: Installing and configuring BI software and tools, creating data warehouses, and integrating data sources.
    • Data analysis and reporting: Analyzing data to identify patterns, trends, and insights, and creating reports and visualizations to communicate those insights.
    • Training and support: Providing training to help businesses use BI tools and supporting ongoing use of BI solutions.
  • What are the benefits of using a Business Intelligence service provider?

    The benefits of using a Business Intelligence service provider include:
    • Expertise: BI service providers have specialized expertise in BI technologies and can provide guidance and best practices to help businesses make the most of their data.
    • Efficiency: BI service providers can streamline the implementation process and reduce the time and effort required to produce insights.
    • Scalability: BI service providers can help businesses scale their BI solutions as their needs change or grow.
    • Cost-effectiveness: By outsourcing BI services, businesses can avoid the costs associated with hiring and training in-house BI staff.
  • How do I choose a Business Intelligence service provider?

    When choosing a Business Intelligence service provider, consider factors such as:
    • Expertise and experience: Look for providers with experience working with businesses similar to yours and with a track record of success.
    • Services offered: Consider the range of services offered and whether they align with your business needs.
    • Cost: Compare pricing and determine whether the provider's services are within your budget.
    • Customer support: Look for providers that offer ongoing customer support and training to ensure you get the most out of your BI solutions.
    • Reputation: Research the provider's reputation and read customer reviews to get a sense of their level of customer satisfaction.
  • What are the tools used by Business Intelligence Service Providers?

    Business Intelligence (BI) service providers in the US use a variety of tools, depending on the specific needs and preferences of their clients. However, some of the most popular BI tools used by service providers in the US include:
    • Tableau: A data visualization tool that allows users to create interactive dashboards, reports, and charts.
    • Power BI: A cloud-based business analytics service that provides interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end users to create their own reports and dashboards.
    • QlikView: A business intelligence tool that provides interactive data visualization and discovery for business users.
    • IBM Cognos: A business intelligence and performance management tool that provides reporting, analysis, scorecarding, and monitoring capabilities.
    • SAP BusinessObjects: A suite of business intelligence tools that includes reporting, analytics, and data visualization capabilities.
    • MicroStrategy: A business intelligence and analytics tool that provides dashboards, scorecards, and reporting capabilities.
    • SAS: A business intelligence tool that provides analytics, data visualization, and reporting capabilities.
    • Oracle Business Intelligence: A suite of business intelligence tools that includes reporting, analytics, and data visualization capabilities.

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