Empowering differential diagnosis

Differential diagnosis platform built leveraging Machine Learning algorithms.Ensemble models allowed predictions of disease based on patient blood, urine test results. Early detection allowed HealthCare Institutions to start the right treatment at the right time thus saving Patient's Life.

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Our Solution Approach

We utilized both structured and unstructured data from Lab Reports and patient's live sample test results. Ezapp Solution built several Machine Learning models for Prognosis of kidney disease, heat disease, diabetic and others. Ezapp Solution Data Scientist developed pipeline of models such that more than 100+ diseases can be predicted in near-real time. This allowed our Client to cut down the decision making time to start the medication and treatment of the patient by 30% thus saving Lives of the patients.

Smart Analytics Using Artificial Intelligence


Prognosis Using AI

Leveraging AutoML, H20, PyTorch and Tensorflow/Keras technologies allowed Ezapp Solution to built robust prediction models with back testing for Prognosis of diseases given unprecedented accuracy level which is even higher than that of general statistical applications in technology


Blood analytics

Advance AI Anaytics Services built by core Ezapp Solution Data Science team included cancer detection and diagnosis, subtype categorization, cancer therapy optimization, and the identification of novel therapeutic pathways in pharmaceutical research. Ezapp Solution offered One platform for many AI Research and Prognosis analytics for Researchers and medical teams to predict diseases before battery test and take accurate and measurable actions timely basis.


75% increase in Bookings Optimization

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50% Customer Churn Reduction

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